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The Gauntlet Race is an endurance race in which racers engage and compete through a series of individual and team challenges for 30 plus hours. Racers go continuously the entire duration of the event using and learning survival skills, speed, accuracy, stamina, grit and determination to overcome the many unique challenges laid before them. Not only are racers pushed up and beyond their self-imposed physical capacities, their mental and emotional limits are also tested. Many racers will break and then transform into a different person by the end of the event. Points are earned and accumulated and both a male and female winner emerge at the end. The race isn't about being the fastest or the strongest individual, but about accepting the challenge of the unknown and finding personal perseverance to overcome. For every racer the experience is different; for many it is life changing. 


Event History

The Gauntlet was created by 4 time Death Race Finisher, Matthew Waller and Spartan SGX Certified Coach, Tanya Bickham. The first Gauntlet Endurance Race took place in Twiggs County, Georgia on August 14th, 2015. Since that time there have been 2 events per year, one in the Summer and one in the Winter.

A Glimpse of the 2019 Summer Gauntlet Endurance RAce

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2020 SUMMER GAUNTLET 9/4-9/6/2020

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